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Who is Dr. Grace English?


Grace is a sinner saved by Jesus and set free from the core lies of feeling unworthy and unloved.

Because she personally walked through the steps of shattering strongholds to finding freedom in multiple areas of her life, she is passionate about helping others find the same freedom.

An ardent voice for life, Grace addresses how abortion impacts the human heart. She founded the nonprofit Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education (CARE) and helps both women and men scarred from a past abortion find healing.

She has led abortion recovery training both locally and internationally, and spoken at numerous churches and events about the sanctity of human life.

She has also been featured on multiple podcasts and interviewed on radio and television.

As a board-certified internal medicine physician, Grace cofounded Bethesda Health Clinic for the working uninsured to help those in the lower socioeconomic bracket get the medical care they need.

In taking care of hurting patients for more than 25 years, Grace has seen God work miracles in freeing His children. Knowing God and His truths better has changed the course of not only her life but that of many others.

Grace lives in east Texas with John, her husband of more than 26 years. Their three adult children are pursuing careers in which they can use their God-given gifts and work to make Jesus real to others.

Grace enjoys traveling, especially to foreign countries to learn about their culture, and loves to shop. Secretly, she dreams of being an interior decorator.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV


See how Grace gives back.

Speaking Topics

1- Turning Your Pain into Peace

What trauma or pain have you experienced that you are still carrying and burying? Do you feel it is too much for you to handle sometimes? Friend, I have been there and know how you feel. My trauma was choosing to end my unborn baby’s life through abortion. That decision led me to struggle with poor choices that led to strongholds that only made the weight of my sin even more unbearable.

But GOD, He made a way for me to break through this deep loss & pain. Invite me to hear how He has brought beauty from my ashes. Jesus can do this for you too no matter what you have been through in your life. Will you trust Him to do this for YOU?

2- Stuck & Unstuck

So is there a secret habit or sin you keep going back to? Do you find yourself back in that pit and you don’t understand why you keep falling back into that unhealthy stronghold that could ultimately destroy your life? Is it an addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, pain meds, work, porn, etc.? Did you know that you are simply masking the pain from your past with these unhealthy behaviors?

Come learn how to get UNSTUCK and walk on the path of freedom and deliverance from these strongholds! Learn how to shatter the strongholds or the strongholds will ultimately shatter you!

3- Abortion’s Impact on the Human Heart

I was deceived by society thinking that abortion was the answer to my unplanned pregnancy. Thinking it was legal, I thought it was “OK” & it wouldn’t lead to any long-term negative emotional consequences. Oh how I was wrong!

The truth behind abortion & how it impacts the human heart is real & painful. Our pro-abortion culture doesn’t talk openly about the long-lasting negative consequences when one chooses to end the life of their baby through abortion.

Healing from one’s past abortion is necessary and only possible through the healing power of Jesus Christ. I know this firsthand as Jesus has done this in my life and & I have seen Him do this in many women & men’s lives around the world.

4- God Who Does The Impossible!

How does God take one woman’s story of how she chose to abort her first child and then uses that story to change her heart so that He can begin a ministry that helps women and men all over the world heal from their past abortions? That is my story of how CARE (Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education) got started!

How does God take one couple’s love for medical missions and birth it into a state-wide regional non-profit medical and dental clinic that ministers and takes care of our uninsured population’s needs? That is our story (John & mine) of how Bethesda Health Clinic was started.

God can birth His dream even from our poor choices as He is a God of redemption & uses our brokenness to bring His purpose for our world. He is a God that honors your very heart’s desire no matter if it seems to be the impossible.

Is this you?

Are you out of control?

Once again, I flew into a fit of rage at my two-year-old daughter over minor misbehavior. I knew my response was not normal, but I needed someone to blame for the anger I felt, anger that had nothing to do with her.

Growing up in a home where I felt I was never good enough led to poor choices. Those choices were now affecting how I was raising my own children.

Does this sound familiar? Would you like to shed the anger and live a full and abundant life in Christ? I promise you—it is possible!

For more than thirty years, I believed the lie that I was unworthy and unloved.

Many of my feelings stemmed from a deeper pain I tried to bury. Instead of dealing with it, I covered the pain with things of this world I thought would make me happy, worthy, and loved—my job, status, food, and relationships. But those pursuits led to strongholds and idols in my life that would harm me instead and make me feel more worthless and unlovable.

Even after I became a believer, I asked myself why I was still struggling so much. Jesus told us in His Word that he came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly, so why did I feel so worn down and defeated inside?

Before I repented of my sin of abortion,
I thought I would live with this awful secret until the day I died.

The Lord took this deep pain from my past and brought it to the surface so He could show me how to find hope and healing. Not only did He break me free from the shame and secrecy of my abortion, He also freed me in so many other areas in my life where I struggled.

Jesus wants to do that for you too! He is the only one who can help you break free from whatever strongholds and pain you are carrying.

“Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36 NKJV

Do you CARRY and BURY?

What is hurting you inside? What weighs heavy on your heart? Do you struggle in a relationship you wish were different? Do you have a secret habit you would like to break?

When we carry our burdens alone and bury the pain deep inside, they only weigh us down with guilt, shame, and depression. Jesus knew life would be hard and messy, that He would be the only one who could take away those feelings.

“He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” Isaiah 61:1 NKJV

I kept the secret of my abortion buried for many years and thought it didn’t affect me. Oh, how I was wrong! A good friend invited me to join an abortion recovery Bible study. I didn’t think I needed it because God had already forgiven me of my sin and I was “fine.” But my reaction to my daughter made me think again.

At the age of 33, I finally allowed the Lord into that very painful and shameful area of my heart where the memories of ending my first child’s life when I was 18 had lain dormant for years. For the next few months, God brought up the rage and bitterness that stemmed from the abortion and took me on a journey to find His forgiveness and freedom.

His grace healed my broken heart and gave me new hope and restoration.

Your pain no longer has to define who you are!

Jesus Christ can show you how to change the pain of your past to the peace of the present and live a life full of purpose.

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